Fact: Clear Blue Light Glasses Don’t Work

Fact: the ONLY way to block 100% of blue light is with melanin-infused lenses from Blue Free Optical.

While other brands stick a sheen on a low-quality pair of glasses to filter 20-30% of blue light, this has little-to-no real effect on helping you sleep better or prevent headaches or eye strain. Our high-quality, patented lenses are able to block 100% of damaging 455nm blue light waves during the day and 550nm at night through melanin that is infused right into the lens.

Try them today and start your real blue light diet.


Blue Free Optical Computer Glasses: Protection for Screen Focused Eyes

Cut headaches, improve sleep, and beat digital eyestrain, no matter how long you’re stuck in front of a computer

Beat the Computer-Screen Blues

If you spend more than a few hours per day in front of a computer screen, you’ve probably experienced some of the symptoms of computer vision syndrome. That’s because the high-energy blue light emitted by computer screens and other digital devices can create real problems for your body — headaches, blurred vision, fatigue, and poor sleep, to name only a few. But before you swear off of digital technologies, consider computer glasses. Blue Free Optical computer glasses offer the most advanced blue light protection available today. By filtering out 100% of dangerous 455nm blue-light, but leaving the other colors intact, these glasses are the perfect answer to the computer screen blues. Prescription and non-prescription lenses are available.

Benefits of Blue Free Optical Lenses

100% Protection
The human body needs different levels of blue light protection at different times of day. Blue Free Optical yellow daytime computer glasses provide total 455nm protection during the day. And int he evenings, when eyes are even more susceptible to screen light, our orange nighttime lenses expand coverage to the 550nm range.
Optimal Color Perception
Enjoy the full spectrum of color, without the blue. Natural pigments of melanin built right into Blue Free Optical computer glasses completely filter out damaging blue light, while still allowing you to see the rest of the color spectrum with crystal clarity.
Highest Quality Materials
Durable, heat-resistant, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean, all of our frames are handcrafted from the strongest premium cellulose acetate. Blue Free Optical computer glasses look great, and are as tough as they are effective.
Superior Technologies
Unlike many other computer glasses which use traditional lenses coated in a blue filtering resin and offer only limited protection, Blue Free Optical lenses contain synthetic melanin as an integral component. This matches the filtration curve of the eye, for better color perception and optimal blue filtration.

What Sets Blue Free Optical Apart


High energy computer light affects the body differently at different times of day. That’s why Blue Free Optical offers a two-part computer glasses solution. With Blue Free Optical, you’ll always enjoy total blue light protection, whenever you need it.
Our yellow day-time lenses block 100% of blue light at the most damaging high-energy wavelengths up to 455nm in length.
Our orange nighttime lenses expand coverage to include blue light up to 550nm, and gradually tapering off at longer wavelengths beyond that mark.
Unlike near-clear lenses that only block 20%–30% of harmful blue light, Blue Free Optical uses natural melanin built into our tinted lenses, for superior protection that completely eliminates the blue.


Unlike near-clear lenses that only block 20%–30% of harmful blue light, Blue Free Optical gaming glasses use natural melanin built into our tinted lenses, for superior protection that completely eliminates the blue.

The Science Behind the Solutions

We live in a world of screens. From the computers in our homes and offices, to the mobile devices in our pockets, we’re spending more time staring at digital screens than ever before. In fact, according to a recent Nielsen Total Audience Report, the average American adult spends nearly 12 hours — well over half of the waking day — interacting with digital screens.

Unfortunately, so much screen time can have a negative effect on our health — in the form of damaging blue light.

In-depth, ongoing scientific research is illuminating the dangers of blue light exposure. From disrupting circadian sleep rhythms and suppressing the body’s natural melatonin production, to hampering mitochondrial repair and increasing oxidative damage to your cells, the hazards of blue-spectrum light are wide reaching and significant.

Blue Free Optical is committed to combating the dangers of blue-spectrum light, using reliable science and unmatched engineering to create the world’s only complete blue light gaming solution.


Although most computer glasses offer only minimal blue light protection, Blue Free Optical advanced tinted lenses are designed to filter out 100% of damaging 455nm blue light before it hits your eyes.

Additionally, we use natural melanin, incorporated directly in the lenses themselves, to mimic the natural filtration curve of the eye. This allows for unparalleled color perception across the non-blue portion of the color spectrum. This means that our computer glasses are strong enough to protect you from computer vision syndrome, without hampering your ability to see what’s on the screen.

Blue Free Optical computer glasses are designed to filter out the harmful blue light emitted by modern televisions, computers, and digital devices. By effectively eliminating the blue light spectrum but allowing other colors to pass through the lenses, Blue Free Optical computer glasses have been shown to reduce eyestrain and improve sleep.
Blue Free Optical standard blue light blocking computer glasses do not require a prescription. However, if you are looking for a pair of computer reading glasses, or if you regularly wear prescription glasses, you’ll want to make sure that your computer glasses use that prescription. Blue Free Optical offers prescription and non-prescription options. Additionally, blue light computer glasses can be safely worn with contact lenses.
Blue Free Optical computer glasses are vital for anyone who spends any prolonged amount of time using a computer. This includes office workers, students, gamers, and others, and is not limited only to those who are suffering from eyestrain or sleeplessness. Although the most recognizable symptoms of blue light overexposure are sore eyes and fatigue, even those who are not experiencing these issues may still be suffering from other, less obvious symptoms. For optimal safety, use Blue Free Optical computer glasses whenever you’re using a digital screen.

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