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Staring at your computer screen all day can give you a headache, eye strain, or even affect your sleep. You may have considered clear or “near clear” blue light glasses — but the truth is, these don’t work.

Only a tinted lens will allow you to block blue light properly, and only Blue Free Optical provides you with the highest quality, patented lenses. Where other lenses are able to block 20-30% of blue light, only Blue Free Optical provides premium, 100% blue light blocking glasses with maximum color perception and melanin infused right into the lenses.

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Blue Light Prescription Glasses, for 100% Blue Light Protection

Blue Free Optical offer prescription lenses with the world’s most advanced blue filtering technology

Blue Light Prescription Glasses: Clear Vision, without the Blue

Protecting your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light overexposure is absolutely vital. But what good are blue light filtering glasses if they hinder your ability to see? That's why Blue Free Optical offers complete blue spectrum filtering, in prescriptions to fit any need.

Using natural pigments built directly into the lenses, our blue light blocking prescription glasses are custom designed to provide you with clear vision and optimal blue light protection -- day or night.

Benefits of Blue Free Optical Lenses

100% Protection
The Blue Free Optical daytime lenses block 100% of damaging 455nm light waves during the day; our nighttime lenses expand that coverage to 550nm, for increased protection when it matters most. All Blue Free Optical glasses are available in prescription, so won’t have to give up clear vision to enjoy the world’s only complete blue light solution.
Optimal Color Perception
Enjoy the full spectrum of color, without the blue. Blue Free Optical uses natural pigments of melanin built right into our prescription lenses to filter out 100% of damaging 455 nm blue light, while still allowing you to see the rest of the color spectrum with crystal clarity.
Highest Quality Materials
Durable, heat-resistant, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean, all of our frames are handcrafted from the strongest premium cellulose acetate. Blue Free Optical blue light blocking prescription glasses are as tough as they are effective.
Superior Technologies
Most of today’s blue light solutions use standard lenses treated with blue-filtering resin, offering only limited protection. Blue Free Optical takes blue filtering further; our prescription blue light glasses contain synthetic melanin built into the lenses themselves, for improved durability and effectiveness.

What Sets Blue Free Optical Apart


The human body is a complex thing, and it responds differently to blue light during the day than it does after sunset. That means that you need more blue light protection in the evening than you do during the day.
Our yellow day-time lenses block 100% of blue light at the most damaging high-energy wavelengths up to 455nm in length.
Our orange nighttime lenses expand coverage to include blue light up to 550nm, and gradually tapering off at longer wavelengths beyond that mark.
Unlike near-clear lenses that only block 20%–30% of harmful blue light, Blue Free Optical uses natural melanin built into our tinted lenses, for superior protection that completely eliminates the blue.


Unlike near-clear lenses that only block 20%–30% of harmful blue light, Blue Free Optical gaming glasses use natural melanin built into our tinted lenses, for superior protection that completely eliminates the blue.

The Science Behind the Solutions

We live in a world of screens. From the computers in our homes and offices, to the mobile devices in our pockets, we’re spending more time staring at digital screens than ever before. In fact, according to a recent Nielsen Total Audience Report, the average American adult spends nearly 12 hours — well over half of the waking day — interacting with digital screens.

Unfortunately, so much screen time can have a negative effect on our health — in the form of damaging blue light.

In-depth, ongoing scientific research is illuminating the dangers of blue light exposure. From disrupting circadian sleep rhythms and suppressing the body’s natural melatonin production, to hampering mitochondrial repair and increasing oxidative damage to your cells, the hazards of blue-spectrum light are wide reaching and significant.

Blue Free Optical is committed to combating the dangers of blue-spectrum light, using reliable science and unmatched engineering to create the world’s only complete blue light gaming solution.


Yes, Blue Free Optical offers non-prescription blue light lenses. However, if you regularly use prescription glasses while working, watching television, or when using computers, smartphones, or other digital screen devices, then you’ll likely want to ensure that your blue light glasses have the same prescription. Blue Free Optical offers a wide range of non-prescription and prescription blue light glasses, in frames that are sure to fit your unique style.
Yes, Blue Free Optical glasses can be safely worn with contact lenses. Those who wear prescription contacts may prefer to instead use prescription lenses in their blue filtering glasses, rather than have to wear the glasses and the contacts at the same time.
Before ordering your Blue Free Optical prescription glasses, make sure that you have an up-to-date prescription from your eye doctor. Follow the on-screen ordering directions to include the prescription in your order.

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