Blue Kids’ Blue Light Glasses: Blue Light Protection for Younger Eyes

Blue Free Optical offers the most advanced blue light blocking glasses — for kids and youth

Blue Light Glasses for Kids: Specially designed for today’s screen-focused youth

Thanks to new technologies and changing world conditions, the average child is spending as much as twice the amount of time sitting in front of digital screens as they were only a year ago. Unfortunately, the high-energy blue light emitted by digital screens can have a serious negative impact on young eyes — causing headaches and anxiety, interrupting sleep rhythms, and leading to a range of chronic diseases. Thankfully, the solution is as simple as putting on a pair of glasses.

Blue Free Optical kids’ blue light glasses are specifically designed to protect younger eyes from the dangers of blue light exposure. And, because we know our glasses are only effective if kids are willing to wear them, we offer styles that young people can get excited about. Prescription and non-prescription lenses are available.

Benefits of Blue Free Optical Lenses

100% Protection
Don’t settle on a partial solution for your child’s eyes. Blue Free Optical offers the only kids’ blue light glasses that filter out 100% of dangerous blue-spectrum light. Our two-part solution provides complete 455nm protection during the day, and expands that coverage at night to filter out blue light up to 550nm, for optimal protection, day or night.
Optimal Color Perception
A kid’s world should be bright and colorful! That’s why we use natural melanin built into our lenses to mimic the filtration curve of the eye, so your child can enjoy all the details, without the dangers.
Highest Quality Materials
Kids are rough on glasses, but our frames can take it. Durable, heat-resistant, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean, all of our frames are handcrafted from the strongest premium cellulose acetate.
Superior Technologies
Other blue-light glasses providers use lenses coated in blue-filtering resin, resulting in only partial blue-light protection. We take it deeper, by incorporating advanced technologies into the lenses themselves, for the most effective blue light protection available today.

What Sets Blue Free Optical Apart


Children are more susceptible to blue light at night than they are during the day. Blue Free Optical offers the industry’s only complete, two-part kid’s blue light glasses solution. Our tinted day/night lenses provide full protection, so kids can enjoy full days and restful nights.
Our yellow day-time lenses block 100% of blue light at the most damaging high-energy wavelengths up to 455nm in length.
Our orange nighttime lenses expand coverage to include blue light up to 550nm, and gradually tapering off at longer wavelengths beyond that mark.
Unlike near-clear lenses that only block 20%–30% of harmful blue light, Blue Free Optical uses natural melanin built into our tinted lenses, for superior protection that completely eliminates the blue.


Unlike near-clear lenses that only block 20%–30% of harmful blue light, Blue Free Optical gaming glasses use natural melanin built into our tinted lenses, for superior protection that completely eliminates the blue.

The Science Behind the Solutions

We live in a world of screens. From the computers in our homes and offices, to the mobile devices in our pockets, we’re spending more time staring at digital screens than ever before. In fact, according to a recent Nielsen Total Audience Report, the average American adult spends nearly 12 hours — well over half of the waking day — interacting with digital screens.

Unfortunately, so much screen time can have a negative effect on our health — in the form of damaging blue light.

In-depth, ongoing scientific research is illuminating the dangers of blue light exposure. From disrupting circadian sleep rhythms and suppressing the body’s natural melatonin production, to hampering mitochondrial repair and increasing oxidative damage to your cells, the hazards of blue-spectrum light are wide reaching and significant.

Blue Free Optical is committed to combating the dangers of blue-spectrum light, using reliable science and unmatched engineering to create the world’s only complete blue light gaming solution.


Yes, children’s eyes absorb more 455 nm blue light, are more likely to suffer from screen addiction, and are more susceptible to the negative effects of blue light. Blue Free Optical kid’s blue light glasses are designed to protect young eyes, so they can enjoy improved sleep, better health, and a brighter life.

There are a lot of different factors that contribute to restful sleep, but one of the most impactful is light exposure. The body depends on certain wavelengths of light to determine which hours it should be awake and when it should be resting. These circadian rhythms regulate many important body functions.

Unfortunately, high-energy blue light (such as the kind emitted by digital screens, LEDs, and fluorescent lighting) throws these rhythms out of balance. This has been shown to disrupt the body’s production of melatonin, an essential chemical that helps promote tiredness and restful sleep. This can be extremely damaging, particularly to children who rely so much on restful sleep to help their bodies develop and grow.

Wearing Blue Free Optical glasses during remote schooling, recreational screen time, and while under artificial lights helps kids maintain their body’s natural circadian rhythms, allowing for deeper, more restful sleep at night, and improved health overall.

Blue Free Optical glasses block only harmful blue light, giving children full color vision through the rest of the spectrum — including violet and indigo! Additionally, as young eyes adjust to wearing the blue light glasses, they’ll naturally begin to compensate; the more your child wears the glasses, the less they’ll notice the tint.

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